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Hi! I'm a programmer and musician from the United States. This is where I host all of my available work. Enjoy your stay at my Internet dumping ground!

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Recent Game Jam Entries


Submission to Ludum Dare 48

Released April 2021

Download (Windows) LD Entry Page * New! *


Submission to Ludum Dare 46

Released April 2020

Play (HTML5) LD Entry Page * New! *

Welcome Home

Submission to Ludum Dare 45

Released October 2019

Download (Windows)


Submission to Alakajam #7 (ft. TheChaseExp)

Released September 2019


Da Greatest Boat Race Of All Time 4

Submission to LowRezJam 2019

Released August 2019

Download (Windows)

Shibbal the Pig

Submission to Ludum Dare 44 (ft. UltrasonicAeron)

Released April 2019


Grape's Adventure

Submission to "I Can't Draw but Want to Make a Game"

Released April 2019

Download (Windows)

A more detailed list of my entries can be found here.

Recent Uploads

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KP's Declassified Game Jam Survival Guide12/18/19
Grape's Adventure OST - Octagon Zone04/24/19
Grape's Adventure OST - Overworld04/24/19
Grape's Adventure OST - The Cat04/24/19
Grape's Adventure OST - Title Screen04/24/19
Grape's Adventure OST - The Vineyard04/24/19
Ludum Dare Boilerplate/Quick-Start Kit (ldb) (C)04/11/19
[SSBM] "F*ck the IRS" - Yoshi Tech02/18/19


My most recent project is a sector-based game engine inspired by id Tech 1 (Doom) and Ken Silverman's Build engine. I'll have more detailed info on this soon.

Here's the basic rundown:

  • Written in C++17
  • Supports Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X with the help of SDL2
  • Comes with a snazzy homemade map editor
  • Supports full 3D models (notice the Quake 3 rocket launcher?)
  • Includes Box2D and Bullet integrations for implementing bomb-ass physics
  • Dumbs down the process of making Doom-like games drastically


The easiest way to reach me is through Twitter.

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