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About Me

I'm a programmer and musician living in Tennessee. Most of my work is centered around game development, although I wouldn't really consider myself a game designer these days. I just like writing tools for things, be it making games, analyzing audio, or providing hosting services for my friends.

Wanna chat? Easiest way to reach me is my Twitter.

Professional career

Currently I make a living writing software for meteorological data analysis, i.e. visualizing the weather. On the surface it isn't particularly exciting, but it's been a fun way for me to take my knowledge of rendering engines from game development and apply it to something completely different.


I also play the piano, electric bass and guitar. More recently I've gotten back into producing as well, uploading UK garage and house tracks of questionable quality to either here or my SoundCloud under a different alias. Most of the games I've done programming on I've made the music for as well.

Other interests

Besides programming and music, I also dabble in competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee playing Yoshi. It's really fun and super accessible now thanks to the advent of Dolphin/FM and Slippi, so give it a shot if you haven't already! I don't dislike the newer games, but I never could get into them the same way I could with Melee.

After a stupid culmination of events I've also gotten somewhat involved in the YTPMV/音MAD scene. Through this community I've met some great people, and I think the dedication they put into their craft is inspiring :)

I'm also interested in cars, freestyle skateboarding, camping, hiking, and anything else that gets me away from a screen really.


I'm often asked about this, so here goes:

Programming languages

Most of my games are written in either C99 or C++17, alternating between the two based on whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't really consider myself loyal to any particular language, for small indie games anything works honestly. My earlier games were written in Java.

Outside of game programming you'll typically see me writing C, C++, or Perl.


I like FL Studio. I've tried to use other DAWs in the past, but ultimately I feel like if you find a workflow that works well for you, stick with it and don't waste time switching unless you actually need to :)

I have some hardware as well. I use a Behringer DeepMind 12 as a nice all-rounder synth, as well as a TD-3 and MPC One. I don't see myself buying much more of these in the future though. Plugins and samples really can do just about anything you want.


Paint.NET or bust.

Development tools

These days JetBrains CLion is my preferred IDE. It's the only IDE I've ever used that's managed to almost perfectly emulate GNU Emacs' keybindings which is a huge plus for me. That being said it isn't free. If you insist on using FOSS, I think KDevelop makes for a nice alternative. I also use Microsoft Visual Studio, although I have my fair share of gripes with it.

As for game engines, I basically just roll my own. That being said I also use libraries like SDL2 to help speed up the development process.

My website

Yeah, in some ways this place looks kind of old. I just think websites from the past had a personal charm to them that you don't really see anymore, and I want to bring that back. If you like what you see you should also check out the recommended sites page!

If you're a fan of old-skool 88x31 buttons, here's a snazzy GIF you can slap on your site:

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Bonus: my cat

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