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Last updated April 2nd, 2021 at 03:05 AM CST

Cool People & Websites

Here's some friends and others I've met/discovered online throughout the years as well as other findings from the web I've found particularly useful.

How much you wanna bet I'll abandon this page in two weeks?

Name/Link Description
mmaker.moe YTPMV/音MAD creator, programmer, good friend of mine
lachrymaL Another 音MAD friend and all around smart dude with a cozy blog
Andreas Kling The man behind SerenityOS, a new OS he's making from scratch
Bisqwit YouTube creator who makes a wide variety of content, mostly programming-related. Check him out if you like C++!
cancel Creator of Ripcord, the best modern chat client :)
calzoneman Creator of CyTube
Roger Clark Programmer, artist, musician, variety content creator
Inigo Quilez Demoscene/computer graphics extraordinaire
nothings/stb Creator of the extremely useful stb single-file public domain libraries for C. I use his image libraries constantly.
Wunkolo Computer graphics and cute art
ogldev A little old, but still an excellent resource on OpenGL for many looking to get started with it.
learnopengl A newer comprehensive resource on OpenGL
Sol_HSA Demoscene/game jam community person and author of the awesome SoLoud audio library. Honestly this guy has done so much stuff that it's hard to even summarize.
Sol's graphics tutorials Here are some graphics programming tutorials the man above put together years back. It's older but all of the fundamentals still apply today.
Ludum Dare One of the oldest game jam communities in existence. I've learned a lot through entering competitions with these people.
rxi Game developer and author of the Tilekit software
DDRKirbyISQ Musician/game jam community person
cppreference A very helpful website when trying to decipher the occasional horrors of modern C++
Alakajam A newer jam community, sort of an offshoot of Ludum Dare and arguably a lot better IMO
CHFR 音MAD creator
Dopi's Website A virtual experience


Beyond personal sites, here's where you can find some of my buddies on social media;

There's lots of others I'm probably forgetting here and if so I apologize!

Honorable Mentions