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Last updated February 2nd, 2020 at 08:16 PM CST

About Me

I guess I should provide some kind of an introduction.

I'm KP. I'm a programmer/pianist/bassist/hobbyist game developer, usually making stuff for Ludum Dare and whatever itch.io jams I can find. Professionally, I write software for meteorological data analysis.

I'm in sort of a creative limbo right now, but nevertheless, this is the kind of stuff I do.

My Game Dev Workflow

I'm often asked about this, so here goes:

Most of my games are written in either C99 or C++17, alternating between the two based on whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't really consider myself a language loyalist, for small indie games anything works honestly. My earlier games were written in Java.

For making graphics and music I use Paint.NET and FL Studio respectively. Both get the job done and that's all I can really say about them. In the past I've also used GIMP and Aseprite for graphics, which are good, but old habits die hard.

These days GNU Emacs is my preferred text editor for when I'm on my main machine. If I'm editing via SSH I'll usually use JOE as a more lightweight alternative, or vi if there's nothing else to work with. Everybody should know some basic vi!

I do prefer an IDE for larger projects. On Windows I use Microsoft Visual Studio and on Linux I use CLion with Emacs keybindings. The latter isn't free, but to me it's excellent software. If you insist on using FOSS, I think KDevelop is pretty nice too.

Outside of game programming you'll typically see me using C, Perl, and JavaScript.

Other Interests

Besides programming and music, I also dabble in competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee as a Yoshi main. It's really fun and it's super accessible now thanks to the advent of Dolphin/FM and Slippi, so give it a shot if you haven't already! I don't dislike the newer games, but I never could get into them same way I could with Melee.

Through a strange culmination of events I've also gotten involved in the YTPMV/音MAD scene. Mad props to the creators in that community, the love and dedication they put into their craft is something else.

Some other things I'd like to try (or get better at) soon:

  • 3D modeling with Blender
  • Speedrunning! I actually did this in the past but stopped for some reason.
  • Actually finishing music

The Site

Yeah, in some ways this place looks kind of old. I just think that websites from the past had a personal charm to them that you don't really see anymore. I want to bring that back.

To give credit where credit is due, I was first inspired to make this after visiting the website of DDRKirby(ISQ). There, he writes:

I'd like [my site] to serve as a herald back to a bygone era of the internet where websites were more about providing raw content and writing rather than just a bunch of pretty designs surrounding an echo chamber where "what's hot" permeates the media channels. Websites should be like homes.

So welcome to my home. If you like what you see then you should also check out the Recommended Sites page!

kpworld button If you're a fan of 88x31 buttons like me, here's a snazzy image you can slap on your site.

Why the favicon Maxim Tomato?

I don't know. This was the favicon used for another website I hosted years back. When it came time to make this one I just recycled it as a placeholder and it stuck for some reason.

Bonus: My Cat

Her name is Witchet and I love her.