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About Me

I've used a number of aliases throughout the years, but these days I stick to my initials: KP. I've been making games for 7 years and programming for 9 as of October 2019. I'm also a musician -- my main instruments are the piano and Fender bass, but I play the guitar and ukulele as well.

My Setup

Taken March '20, info below might be out of date

Shown above:

  • My main PC running Windows 7
  • 2009 iMac used for porting my Ludum Dare games
  • Dell Optiplex 755 running Arch Linux
  • Yamaha YPG-235 keyboard, it gets the job done
  • PowerMac G4, my main machine eons ago
  • Realforce 87u (55g) keyboard with Topre switches
  • Cherry G80-3000 keyboard with Cherry MX blues

I'm also frequently asked about the clock; it's a Raspberry Pi hooked up to an Adafruit 64x32 RGB LED Matrix.

How I Make Games

For art: Paint.NET every single time
For music: FL Studio 11, a very legally obtained copy
For code: ... it depends?

My earlier Ludum Dare entries were written in Java, but with Java Applets dying combined with my ever-changing taste in programming languages, I just don't use it as much. I've brought it back out for collaborative projects, but for solo work I just can't see myself using it again.

These days I usually write my games in C99 or C++17, alternating between the two based on whatever I'm in the mood for. I don't really consider myself a language loyalist. Programming languages are just tools to help you accomplish something, and as far as small indie games are concerned you can make just about anything work.

While I had known C and a bit of C++ prior to picking up Java, I never understood how to feasibly use them for larger projects until I started really taking time to study the mindset of those who've inspired me over the years. Here's a really good talk by Jonathan Blow for instance. Highly recommend this one to anybody who's interested in the lower level aspects of game programming:

I've also dabbled in Lua using LÖVE, but it isn't really my cup of tea.

Other Interests

On top of making games and music, I also dabble in competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee as a Yoshi main. It's really fun and I wish more people could appreciate the game for what it is. It seems like there's been an evergrowing divide between the Ultimate and Melee communities and it doesn't have to be this way, both games have their merits and you should play whichever one suits you.

More recently, through a strange culmination of events, I've been getting involved in YTPMV/音MAD collaborations. Usually I'm just doing audio mastering but I feel like one of these days (probably never) I'll get sucked into making content myself. Mad respect to the creators in that community, the dedication they put into their craft is really something else.

I also really like cars, cooking, and 𝒥𝒜𝒵𝒵.

The Site

If you haven't noticed by now, this place was crafted to look and feel like a site straight outta the early/mid 2000s. As someone who primarily grew up around that time period, I have a soft spot for small websites like this one that are chock-full of honest, homemade content. You just don't see them as much these days. To quote DDRKirby(ISQ), whose website inspired mine a lot:

I'd like it to serve as a herald back to a bygone era of the internet where websites were more about providing raw content and writing rather than just a bunch of pretty designs surrounding an echo chamber where "what's hot" permeates the media channels. Websites should be like homes.

So yeah, welcome to my home. I'll have more content here soon, it's just a matter of getting time to move my old stuff over.

Bonus: My Cat

Her name is Witchet and I love her